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Target Markets 2022 starts this week and we’re excited for all the magic this event will bring, and we don’t just mean Magic Johnson. This is our second year in attendance, and as a seven year old company, we’re thrilled to be working with MGAs, carriers and other partners to protect small businesses. We’ve seen the beauty in strongly formed partnerships that complement each other so that access to small business insurance protection is easy, simple and cost effective. This momentum is coupled with our iterations and enhancements to products and services – like our recent addition of a Claims-Made form for general liability, and our expansion into five new states for workers’ comp. We look forward to being part of the magic that unfolds in the future of insurance, especially for small businesses.

Target Markets | 22nd Annual Summit | October 17-19
Create opportunities to grow and improve your business by attending the 22nd Annual Summit. Expect access to 70+ program carriers including London Markets, premier service providers, reinsurance support, program development and distribution resources, and networking opportunities with more than 1000 program professionals