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On this fifth day of the fifth month it seemed appropriate to revisit our 5 years in the making. I often stumble when I’m asked what I do and how long I’ve been with said company. “I work for a startup. I’ve been there for 5 years.” Hmmmm, at what point are we no longer a startup? I suppose I could say technology company. If I go on trying to explain that we’re in the insurance space, I’ve usually lost the listener as soon as the word insurance leaves my mouth. BUT, if I start by saying that we’re creating on-demand insurance so that coverage fits the way we live our lives TODAY, we reach the ahhhhhh, that’s cool moment. While, as a company, our path to the end goal has had some bends and curves, my here’s what we do description has remained the same. To be changing the way we experience insurance is an exciting path to be on –here are 5 fast facts about our technology.


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